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New Website Design

webbmax web services is an experienced and established web design company specializing in website development for small businesses. We have planned, developed and launched dozens of websites for all kinds of businesses since 2001. We are proud of our track record of delivering our work on time and on budget.

We will work with you to get you the website that is right for you and works.

To make sure we can achieve this goal we will:

  • Study your line of business
    Researching businesses in your field and your competition provides us with information on what they do and how they do it. Then we use this information to help you get the website that gives you the edge in your field
  • Suggest a site structure
    Based on your input, our market research and experience, we can provide you with a site structure proposal that will achieve the goals of your website
  • Recommend features
    In addition to our site structure proposal, we will recommend features that we think would be helpful to your business, be this a blog, e-mail newsletter, online catalog, request a quote or ay other feature we think would help you get new clients or keep in touch with your existing customers.
  • Take your existing brand, logo in account
    If you already have an existing brand, corporate look, logo or printed material, we make sure that the website ties into this and is easy recognizable to someone who knows your business.
  • Build you a great looking website
    All the functionality and features lose their appeal, when a website doesn't look professional and pleasing. That's why we make sure that the design and look of your site will not only incorporate your brand and logo, but will also look good and impress your visitors.
    We design your site with your audience and client demographics in mind. You won't get a template based website, but one that is tailor-made and as unique as your business.
  • Make sure the site is user friendly
    Of course all of the above is lost, if customers can't find what they're looking for. Our experience in developing websites makes sure that your site is easy to navigate and the information can be accessed with just one or two mouse clicks. This sounds simple enough, but quite a few websites out there are anything else but user friendly.
  • Help you to promote your site
    During the development of your site we make sure that all the relevant 'meta tags' and other measures that search engines look for, are in place and that the site is built to the latest standards, that ensure your site can easily be indexed by search engines. More information on what we do, can be found on our search engine optimization page.
    Once the site is built we can help you with promoting your site on the internet and other marketing tools. For more information on this subject please check out our website marketing page.


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