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Search Engine Optimization

What is Search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization of the pages in your website is essential to get listed in search engines. Optimizing the pages involves placing keywords in strategic locations throughout your pages so that search engines can find those keywords and your website will show up in the search results when someone is searching with these keywords.
Important keyword locations include your title tags, header tags, internal link anchor text, bold and italicized text, text in HTML lists, alt and title tags for images and links, and other locations on your pages.

Just as important as having the keywords in all the right places, is to have a website that is built search engine friendly. This means the pages have to be set in a way that lets search engine spider easily index their contents and find links to your other pages of the website, so that all pages can be found and indexed. As simples a this sounds it is amazing how many  websites are by mistake or lack of knowledge developed in a way to make it difficult for search engines to access the pages and their content.

We can help you with search engine optimization

You don't have to worry about all these technicalities. If we build your website we make sure that it complies with the latest search engine rules and standards. We also help you with choosing the all important keywords for your website and we add them in all the places that search engines look for them and we also make sure that all your pages and information can be found.

One thing we have to mention though is, that making your site search engine friendly, by itself, won‘t get you to the top of the rankings. It is in fact more about not making mistakes that will prevent your site from getting indexed or damage your search engine rankings. It is the foundation that has to be in place before you start marketing your website, without optimizing your site first, all your other efforts to get top rankings will fall short and not get the success they otherwise would have. To learn more about website marketing, please check out our Website Marketing page.

Is my website optimized for search engines?

For someone that isn't in the web business it is hard to tell if their website has all it takes to get results in search engines. If you would like to know how your site is doing, please contact us for a site evaluation and report on how your site can be accessed and indexed by search engines.


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