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Website Hosting

What is Hosting?

A hosting account is necessary for your website and it is basically a place where your website is physically stored so it can be accessed 24/7 by internet users.
Usually the website is stored on a computer with special server capabilities that hosts a multitude of websites. Because of the security and other technical issues involved in hosting it doesn't normally make sense to host a website yourself, even if you comp nay is running its own server.

Our Hosting Services

Webbmax web services operates its own server that is located in Calgary in a controlled and secure location, with a broadband internet connection.

If we are hosting your website, we can guarantee 100% up-time, enough space for your needs. Every hosting account also includes the following features:

  • minimum of 5 e-mail accounts
  • webmail (allows to access your e-mails through the internet)
  • spam filtering
  • traffic statistics

Statistics are a useful tool to see how many visitors your website had, how much time they spent on it and what pages they visited, amongst other things.

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