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Friday, November 06, 2009

Can a small website get top rankings?

Some experts will tell you that websites with less than dozens of pages won’t get top 10 rankings in search engines. This is not quite so. It is true, that a website with only a few pages can promote fewer key words than a big site and for that reason it might not get as many top ranksas the large site, but as my ‘little’ examples below show, it is possible to get top 5 rankings with realy small websites, just not for as many key words as a big site can.

K Link Development (8 pages)

Keywords Rank in Google
road building for acreage 1
acreage development high river 1
acreage road building 1
septic system for acreage 5
acreage development  14

Blueprint Contracting
(3 pages)

Keywords Rank in Google
handyman services south calgary 1
handyman services high river 1
handyman services okotok 2
basement development okotoks 5
deck building contractor calgary 9

Chinook Eco Energy
( 7 pages)

Keywords Rank in Google
eco energy calgary 3
calgary solar power installations 5
acreage wind power 5
thermal water heating calgary 7
thermal water heating okotoks 13

The fact that a small website can ‘push’ only a limited amount of key words, makes it crucial to choose key words that people would most likely use to find your business. Usually if a business has a small website, it operates on a local basis. So it would be a good idea to regionalize you key words by adding city, town or area names.
I say, it is possbile to get top ten rankings with small, or even very small websites, but it is important that all the things that need to be in place are there and that the key words are carefully chosen and implemented.
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