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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is your website search engine friendly?

Have you ever wondered if your website has what it takes to get top results in search engines? A good way to find out, is by typing “site:www.yourdomain” in the search field of your preferred search engine.
If you only get a few results,  or worse, no results, your website might be set up in a way that makes it difficult or even impossible for search engine spiders to find the pages of your site. It’s quite surprising how many websites are inadvertently or accidently configured to be difficult for search engines to access.
There can be several reasons for this, but usually it comes down to the fact that the spider can’t find links to your pages.

If you get results, but they aren’t very informative or look like the examples below, then you also have some work to do.

bad search results examples

You can control how your search results look and what information gets displayed, by putting the right information into the right place on your pages.

If you take care of these two things, make sure the spiders can find your pages and that you results have the information you want them to have and get people to click on your link, you’re already a step  ahead of a lot of website owners.

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